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Moringa Leaf Powder Moringa Leaf Powder KAgroo - Moringa Leaf Powder

What is Moringa?

Moringa ‘Moringa oleifera’ is considered the plant with most nutrients in the world and called as the Miracle Tree. Unlike any other plant, it contains almost every nutrient such as Calcium, Iron, Vitamins and 18 varieties of Amino Acids. It is often called as the "Miracle Tree" by many researchers due to the innumerable benefits it provides.

Nutritional properties of Moringa contains mainly in the leaves. The leaves are harvested, dried and ground into a very fine water soluble Powder that is bright green in colour. Moringa Leaf Powder contain the following nutrients in extensive amounts and as per researchers Moringa Leaf Powder contain 90 Nutrients and 46 Antioxidant.
Oxalic Acid
Vitamin A – B Carotene
Vitamin B – Choline
Vitamin B1 – Thiamin
Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin
Vitamin B3 – Nicotinic Acid
Vitamin E – Tocopherol Acetate

It is said that Moringa Leaf Powder provides 4 times the Potassium of Banana, 4 times the Fiber of Oats, 14 times the Calcium of Milk, 9 times the Iron of Spinach, 2 times the Vitamin A of Carrot, 2 times the Protein of Yogurt.

Health benefits of Moringa Leaf Powder
Protecting and nourishing Skin and Hair (Protein, Hydrating and Detoxifying Elements)
Treating Edema (Anti-Inflammatory Properties)
Protecting the Liver
Preventing and Treating Cancer (Niazimicin)
Treating Stomach Disorders (Vitamin B)
Fighting against Bacterial Diseases (Antibacterial, Antifungal and Antimicrobial Properties)
Keep Bones Healthy and Strong (Calcium and Phosphorous)
Reduce Mood Disorders
Enhancing Cardiovascular System (Antioxidant Elements)
Speeding the Wound Healing
Reducing Diabetes
Reducing Asthma
Reducing Kidney Disorders (Antioxidant Elements)
Reducing High Blood Pressure (Isothiocyanate and Niaziminin)
Improving Eye Health

Due to its Nutritional properties and Health benefits, Moringa Powder is used in a wide range of products from the Dietary Supplements to the Smoothie Mixes worldwide.

Moringa Cultivation
Moringa is grown mainly in the tropical climates. Since Sri Lanka is close to the Equator, Moringa has been cultivating domestically in Sri Lanka for many centuries. Moringa grows in a wide variety of soils and is highly resistant to drought makes it easier to cultivate even in the dry zone. Moringa tree grows extremely fast and generally reaches a height of 4 - 10 m within a short period of time.

Moringa Traditional Usage
Moringa is used in many dishes and for medicinal purposesin Sri Lanka. Moringa Drumstick is commonly used for preparing the Drumstick Curry. While Moringa Leaf is added to Prawns and Cuttlefish dishes to reduce the heat. Moringa Bark is used for preparing the Sri Lankan style Pickle. Moreover, Moringa Bark is used in Indigenous Sri Lankan Medicine to cure Indigestion and other Stomach Disorders.

Moringa Modern Usage
Moringa Leaf Powder is considered the best way to integrate this magical nutritional pack into your diet. Moringa leaf powder can be added to your savoury dishes such as roast vegetables, potatoes and meat dishes, but it is also making a great addition to smoothies and biscuits. Also it can be added to Yoghurt or Milk, Infusions and Teas.
Also, you can buy the Cellulose Capsules filled with the Moringa Leaf Powder which is the most easiest way to add this miracle leaf to your life as a dietary supplement.

How Moringa Leaf Powder is Made?
Process begins with the harvesting of the leaves from the tree. Then they are delicately dried at low temperatures. After the leaves have been dried , they are ground into a fine bright green powder that is neither too light nor too dark. The powder must be very fine and contain no stems. It has a fairly strong rich nutty smell and a bitter and slightly sweet flavor. High quality Moringa Leaf Powder must fully dissolve in water without leaving any sediment.

For bulk orders, contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +94705555900
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