Ceylon Vanilla is an economically important crop because it is the main and only source of producing Vanillin naturally. Sri Lanka also gaining a good success in growing Vanilla and Curing Vanilla naturally which consists a higher Vanillin percentage and a good aroma than other Vanilla growing countries in the world. Due to favourable weather conditions in Sri Lanka superior grade Vanilla has been producing recently which has a higher demand in both local and international markets.


Grade A ( Premium Grade) - Naturally cured Vanilla pods which has the length between 15 cm to 25 cm and has an inherited aroma. Usually pods are dark brown to black in colour and has a shiny oily surface, cleanliness is 100% and moisture content is around 25% to 30%.

Grade B - Length of a cured pod is lower than 15 cm and the quality and aroma is slightly lower than Grade A. Moisture content is around 30% to 35%.

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