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Sri Lankan Areca Nut

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Sri Lankan Areca Nut Sri Lankan Areca Nut

Areca nut is the seed of the fruit of ‘Areca catechu’, from the family of palms which is mainly grown in South Asian and Asian region as well as few other parts of the world. Areca nut is one of the main ingredients in widely used chewing products along with betel leaves in many Asian an Oceanic countries which runs back to thousand years as a tradition among those people in these regions. Moreover Areca nut is the fourth most common addiction around the globe after tobacco, alcohol and caffeine. Consumption of Areca nut is mainly seen in India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Taiwan and many South Asian islands which has a clear bond with their culture, religions and tradition. It is believed that Sri Lanka is one of the native country for ‘Areca catechu L’ which has some significant factors varying from other Areca nuts from the same family.

Areca nut consists carbohydrates, fat, proteins, fiber, polyphenols (flavonols and tannins), alkaloids, and mineral matter as major compounds. Alkaloids are the main chemical compound in Areca nuts which provides their sensational flavors. Aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) is the main toxin in Areca nut which is one of the main factor when importing from country to another.

Areca nut is used as both fresh and dry form for human consumption mainly with betel leaves, tobacco and slaked lime ( calcium hydroxide - Ca(OH)2 ) according to consumer's choice. Also it is used in many religious activities in India and other South East Asian countries. Although Areca nut consumption has become a common behavioral pattern of many locals in above countries. Consumers chew them for hours which gives a hot stimulant sensation to the body and the brain which gives a high feeling. They chew them and saliva produced can be either swallowed or spat out.

When it comes to Sri Lankan Areca nut there is a huge demand for them from both foreign and local consumers due to it's authentic flavor and quality due to various chemical compositions. In Sri Lanka Areca nut is grown mainly in wet zone and partially in intermediate zone as well. Areca nut is not a commercially grown crop in Sri Lanka and now due to rising demand it has become a commercial crop among all other Minor Export Agriculture crops. The price of the Dried Areca nut fluctuates with the production throughout the year and with the government regulations as well. Usually farmers starts to make their harvest from late December to mid April in Sri Lanka which has a comparable dry season in the country that is favorable for drying Areca nuts to the best level. Sri Lankan dried Areca nuts has a average Moisture Content of 5 - 10% which is preferably better for both export and local production. Although we at KAgroo, we visit to our farmers and check every stock before purchasing and also we provide necessary technical information in order to provide a quality harvest for our end as well as for their end with a better income.

For bulk orders, contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +94705555900

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