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Five ways to use Ceylon Cinnamon

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Five ways to use Ceylon Cinnamon Five ways to use Ceylon Cinnamon

Spices are not only flavors, most of their components can make your life more healthy and tasty. People add spices to their day today food as a tradition, as a habit or as a medicine. But did you know that these spices are the core of many dishes and bakery items as well. Among all those awesome spices Ceylon Cinnamon or True Cinnamon is one of the key players in many dishes. Here are some few best ways where you can use Ceylon Cinnamon in day today life which you can take the maximum benefit of Cinnamon.

The Cinnamon most often found in Super markets is Cassia Cinnamon except in Sri Lanka. But mark my words, you can't compare this Cassia Cinnamon or Fake Cinnamon with Ceylon Cinnamon which also called true Cinnamon. The rich aroma and all the medicinal properties of True Cinnamon will provide your dishes a distinct flavor as well as healthy diet. Here are some ways which and why you can use Ceylon Cinnamon for a healthy life and a tasteful meal.

1. A healthy digestion with Cinnamon
High fiber content in Cinnamon helps you to maintain a better digestive health. Here you can use both Cinnamon Powder and Cinnamon Sticks for your evening tea or with some clean water. You can measure the amount of cinnamon you consume if you use Cinnamon Powder.

2. An answer for Cold and Flu
Cold and flu are the most common illnesses which hit us many times a year. But you can't let them to take your day-off from work. Cinnamon is a better medicine for it. Low coumarin content in Ceylon Cinnamon is ideal as a remedy for cold and flu. You can use Ceylon Cinnamon along with your diet, either to food items or with a beverage. As per your requirement you can use whole sticks, powder or extract. Also a cup of hot water mixed with cinnamon will also control your running nose.

3. As a good remedy for loose your weight
Ceylon Cinnamon helps the weight loss by lowering your cholesterol levels. Here are some ways to add Ceylon Cinnamon to your diet to help weight loss.
- Mix Cinnamon with some honey and lemon and consume daily.
- Take a cinnamon mixed cup of water during the day.
- Add some Cinnamon to your beverages such as coffee, juices or drinks.
- Add some cinnamon to your meal when cooking.
- When consuming oats or cereals add some cinnamon on them.

4. Cinnamon as a better Skin cure.
You can use Ceylon Cinnamon to glow your skin and makes you more youthful. Due to the antibacterial and anti-fungal qualities of Cinnamon, it aids in enhancing the complexion as well as removal of dead skin and restoring glow of your skin. All you need to do is make a simple scrub using sea salt, olive oil, almond oil, honey and finally Ceylon Cinnamon and use as usual. This will helps to improve your blood flow to the outer surface of your skin as well.

5. Moreover add more cinnamon to your diet because in one table spoon of Cinnamon there are four grams of fiber, zero fat and sugar, 68% of manganese and 8% calcium. So adding Cinnamon to your food can enhance the nutrition levels of the food you consume. Cinnamon will add a unique taste and an extra glamour to your meal for its distinct aroma. Let this grate Sri Lankan Spice to add an extra flavor to your meal while helping you to retain a healthy well-being.

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