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Spice Island

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Lets start with the questions "What is a Spice?" , What is this well known "Spice Island"? And why this small island known as Spice Island?

What is a Spice?

A spice is a plant part that are ultimately loaded with vast variety of flavors than most other ingredients used in cooking and many more purposes. Whereas spices tend to derive from fruits, roots, seeds, flowers, stems, bark and herbs always comes from the leafy part and most of them are usually dried to a recommended condition. Majority of flavor compounds in spices oil, rather than water soluble they are stored within bubbles of oil. Spices are kind of an engineering output which has a structure to keep those oils locked away and will be released only if the plant is damaged or attacked by an infection. After the bubbles rapture and the oil is exposed to air, the flavor compounds evaporates into gases. This reaction is happening in all meal dishes and in other products that are made using spices.

And now to the second question. What is this well known Spice Island?

A tiny, beautiful island in the Indian Ocean which has a great history of trade for centuries around the world, also called as the "Pearl of Indian Ocean", and later known as Ceylon, Serendib and yes now Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a tropical country located near to the equator which has a huge variety of bio diversity around the country with few world heritages. Because of it's unique location it has been gifted with a valuable soil, a vast bio diversity, and appropriate weather conditions to grow crops throughout the year. Past the traders who have visited Ceylon has traded spices and many more products through silk route which are originated and produced only in Sri Lanka. Moreover Sri Lanka is known as a Agricultural Country which has a huge production of agricultural products to the world.

Finally to the third and the last, Why this small island known as Spice Island?

At the second paragraph I have mentioned that Sri Lanka aka Ceylon is a Tropical country with an appropriate weather all around the year to cultivate crops. Because of that, many Sri Lankans were farmers that grew many kinds of crops throughout the year. Spices has played a major role among those crops in few parts of the country. A well known spice around the world, Cinnamon or Ceylon Cinnamon or True Ceylon Cinnamon is a native plant to Sri Lanka and and only grown in Sri Lanka for decades. From 1600 BCE, Ancient Egyptians used a type of cinnamon as a spice which was bought from African traders and no one knew whether it is Cinnamon or something else until the Portuguese found cinnamon trees growing in Sri Lanka in the early 1500s. And the trade moved with the invasions of Dutch and British for centuries over control of the territory and lucrative trade. Cinnamon was the main and the best spice from the spices from Sri Lanka among the traders and buyers around the world which was the reason to became as the Spice Island among the world population. Also Sri Lanka was a leading producer of Ceylon Black Pepper, Cloves, Nutmeg and Mace, Vanilla, Cardamom and many more. We at KAgroo produce authentic Sri Lankan spices to the local and world market with the highest quality.

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