Cinnamon belongs to family Lauraceae is native to Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Sri Lankan Cinnamon also known as Pure Ceylon Cinnamon is considered as the True Cinnamon, which is broadly used in both sweet and savory food and beverages industries all around the world, and only grown in Sri Lanka. Ceylon Cinnamon has the best and rich aroma which consists Cinnamaldehyde with an appearance of a thin and smooth bark with a yellowish brown color. Moreover, Sri Lanka is the only place where you could find the Pure Ceylon Cinnamon with its authentic taste and fragrance plus medicinal values which has been coming from generations to generations.

Why Ceylon Cinnamon?

Ceylon Cinnamon does not contain Coumarin hence it is not cancer causing like Cassia (Chinese Cinnamon) which is used as a substitute for Ceylon Cinnamon around the world.

Ceylon Cinnamon Grades

Alba - The most expensive and qualitative grade among the True Ceylon Cinnamon grades because of its authentic taste, sweetness and aroma.

SPL - The 2nd best quality after Alba which has a better taste with an absolute taste.

C5 - The most and highly demanded grade of Ceylon Cinnamon among both international and local market due to its eye catching golden yellow color and wonderful taste.

C4 - It is the second fine grade after C5 with a bright yellow color and has a good demand in the international market.

M5 - It is relatively rougher in texture and thinner in appearance.

M4 - This grade is made with the combination of selected parts of high quality Cinnamon.

H1 - This grade is made of most expensive components of the rough Cinnamon Bark.

H2 - This grade is a collection of high quality golden yellow Cinnamon Quills.

Quillings No 1 & No 2 - This grades consists larger and smaller Quallings respectively which are collected as a result of cutting & bailing Cinnamon.

Bale - A collection of quills are gathered together to make a bale.

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