Clove is believed to be originated in Maluku Island in Indonesia which belongs to Myrtaceae family and known as Eugenia caryophyllus in its scientific name.

It is a medium sized tree with smooth bark in grey colour. Planting is done by the seeds. When harvesting, flower petals of the economical valued buds changes their colour from medium dark green to yellowish pink. Before consumption, they are to be dried well until they turn its colour to golden brown. Eugenol is the essential chemical compound in cloves. The Ceylon cloves contain an authentic milder flavour which is used in many food processing and medicine processing activities.

Why Ceylon Cloves?

Pure Ceylon Cloves contain a maximum content of Volatile Oil at a percentage at about 19.5 to 23.5.


Hand Picked Selected

Hand-picked grade is the best grade of Cloves. Since Hand Picked Cloves are harvested as full bud Cloves, there is very less percentage of headless Cloves or stems are found in this grade.

Maximum moisture content between 12%-13%
Headcount is around 99%
Stems below 0.2%
Foreign matters 0.2%

Cloves grade No. 1

This is the second best grade compared with the hand-picked selection. In this grade mostly full bud cloves with small percentage of headless cloves are included.

Maximum moisture content between 12%-13%
Headcount is around 95%
Foreign matters 1%-2%

FAQ grade

FAQ is a low quality grade than other grades. Include mixture of headless clove, full bud clove, and some stem parts.

Color is mixed
Maximum moisture content between 12%-13%
Headless 20%
Admixture 3%-4%

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